Emergency Systems Service Company was founded in January of 1974 as a sole proprietorship by Joseph A Hafich, assisted by his spouse, Lillian G., to engage in the Sales, Service, Installation and Repair of Emergency Power Generators and Emergency Lighting Equipment. This type of equipment is required to be installed and maintained in Hospitals, Convalescent Homes, Colleges, Schools, Office Buildings, Commercial Establishments, and many other locations, by state law, under the jurisdiction of the Department of Labor and Industry, or required by Insurance Underwriters and NFPA standards.
     From inception until 1980, Joseph A. and Lillian were the only employees of the company. The ever widening business base and increasing clientele list was creating the need to for additional help in order to satisfy customer needs and retain the company's credibility. At this time, his two sons, Joseph M. and Robert H., expressed an earnest and genuine commitment to join the company and further its business endeavors.
     In August of 1980, Emergency Systems was granted a Certificate of Incorporation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The first commercial location was leased at 216 Apple Street in Quakertown, two small rooms served as office and warehouse space. In 1985, consistent growth made possible the leasing 2600 square feet on the entire first floor. By 1987 it was necessary to lease additional warehouse space. Emergency Systems' recognition and reputation in the Emergency Power and Lighting field provided for consistent growth and an ever-widening customer base.
     In 1990 Emergency Systems moved into 7500 square feet of Industrial Office and Warehouse space at 550 California Road in Quakertown. With increasing demand for Emergency Power throughout the 1990's the company saw increasing growth and customer base. New equipment, additional employees, more service vehicles, additional service technicians and the growth of the Rental Generator Division were added to support the continued growth.
     In May of 2001, Emergency Systems moved into a new facility on 401 O'Neill Drive, Quakertown. The new facility supports 30+ full time employees, a 14 vehicle service fleet and a extensive Rental Generator fleet.
     In August of 2021, Emergency Systems is aquired by Curtis Power Solutions, a subsidiary of Indel Power Group. The addition of Emergency Systems Service Company positions Curtis Power Solutions as one of the largest distributors of mtu products and services in North America, with an expanded territory that will include Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, along with portions of New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Emergency Systems Service Building