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Emergency Systems
Service Co.

401 O'Neill Drive
Quakertown, Pa 18951-4227

Toll Free 1.866.436.7697

Phone: 215.536.4973
Fax:     215.536.7413

Planned Maintenance Agreements

generator service agreement

Emergency Systems Service Co.
offers a variety of comprehensive Agreement Plans and Planned Maintenance Services.
   From standard plans to custom tailored plans designed to meet your specific requirements.

All Maintenance Agreements are designed to help keep your Equipment in prime operating condition

Contact us for a free, no obligation on site equipment evaluation.

Agreement Plans
  • Annual • Semi-Annual • Quarterly • Monthly
  • Completely custom tailored Plans to fit your needs or code requirements
  • Agreements available for single or multiple units
  • Off hour and weekend Scheduling is available to minimize down time.
  • Commercial • Industrial • Health Care • Agriculture • Residential
  • A 10% discount is given on additional services and repairs for all Planned Maintenance Service Customers!
  • Travel & Mileage charges waived for repairs scheduled during regular scheduled Planned Maintenance visits
Planned Maintenance Services Overview
Change Engine Oil and Filter(s)
Change Fuel and Coolant filter(s) (if applicable)
Check Anti freeze/Coolant condition and protection level
Pressure Test Cooling System
Service/Load Test starting Batteries and Cables
check/Adjust Battery Charging System(s)
Check/Inspect/Adjust drive Belt(s)
Check/Inspect Air Cleaner element(s)
Check/Inspect main Generator/Rotor assemblies
Clean/Polish DC Commutator & Slip Rings (if applicable)
Check/Inspect unit Controller for visible defects
Check/Correct minor fuel, oil and water leaks
Check/Tighten all Hoses and Lines
Test Run Unit (no load conditions)
Check/Inspect Exhaust System for leakage/deterioration
Check/Adjust Generator output Voltage and Frequency
Check Main Generator and Controller operation
Check/Inspect all pressures, gauges and instruments
Service/Clean/Lubricate and adjust all unit components and assemblies where necessary for proper operation
Check/inspect Engine Ignition System (if applicable)
Check/Test all Safety Shutdown devices
Inspect Automatic Transfer Switch(s) for visible defects and proper operation
Check Automatic Transfer Switch operation under simulated power failure
Complete system operation test under building load (when appropriate)
Submit Service/Inspection and Operation Report for system owners evaluation
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