The Importance of Generator Fuel Polishing

Emergency generators are perhaps the single best way to be prepared for any situation. Should something happen to cause you to lose power, your peace of mind comes from knowing you have a generator as back up. But what many people aren’t aware of is that there’s one main thing that can affect the performance of your generator and can keep it from providing that assurance when you need it most.

This comes from contaminated fuel in the generator engine. Fuel studies have shown that diesel fuel begins to deteriorate and form solids within 60-90 days after refining. Sludge, algae, and other solids contaminate the fuel, and this can ruin a diesel engine. As time goes on and the changes occur, the naturally accumulating particulates increase in size and mass, filling the filtration equipment, tanks, and other fuel system components. This sludge or algae is actually the most common cause of clogged filters, excessive exhaust smoke, and damaged fuel injectors.

What’s more, in humid environments, water will condensate inside open spaces in the fuel tank. Therefore, tanks should be maintained at full levels.

So what can be done to avoid this? Fuel reconditioning (also known as fuel polishing) systems use multi-stage filtration that enables proper sludge and water removal. Fuel additives are used that work in conjunction with the filters and separators to ensure the fuel is particulate-free. As a result, fuel tanks are clean, combustion is improved, carbon deposits are eliminated, and there is a reduction in harmful emissions. Lower fuel consumption is another advantage of filtration.

As experts in emergency power solutions, we not only provide sales and rentals of these systems, but we know everything there is to know about maintaining them and keeping them free from contamination. We know how to ensure fuel polishing keeps the generator from shutting down and losing power. We can provide this for our customers, either as part of a maintenance contract, or as a separate service.

We know you need your emergency power to work at all times, and we know how to make this possible.

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