Should your Emergency Power be Bought or Rented?

Emergency power—you know when it comes to an unexpected crisis or natural disaster, as we saw with Hurricane Sandy, having an emergency power resource is certainly useful and beneficial. However, with high costs for huge generators and an unknown emergency risk factor, sometimes the investment in emergency power generators may not be a priority. That’s where we step in—as emergency power specialists, we can help determine whether or not your business and situation is suitable for backup generators. More importantly, we can help answer the age-old question—should you rent power or buy power?Purchased generator

When determining whether you should rent or buy a backup generator, you first need to determine whether your application is temporary or permanent. Not only that, but you also need to look at the type of application the generator will be used in. Are you looking for an emergency power as a standby source? For hospitals, health care, education, and manufacturing areas, permanent backup generators are recommended. If you’re only looking for power on a temporary basis, such as festivals, concerts, or a scheduled plant shutdown, then rented equipment may be a better option. What if, while based in America, you are contracted to do work for a European firm, which operates on different voltages? Instead of placing a long-term investment from your utility company, a better option may be to rent a temporary generator.

What are the advantages of renting backup power generators? First, since maintenance would be included in the contract, you don’t need to worry about maintaining the equipment. Not only is there less responsibility required, but you also don’t need to worry about obtaining the correct building or town permits necessary for installing permanent generators. On the flip side, the benefits of buying a generator set are also widespread. Since you then have full ownership of the equipment, it is often a much more cost-effective option for long-term needs—and you’ll never have to worry about losing power!

Rental generatorIf you’re in between the tough decision of either renting or purchasing backup power generators, then we hope we better highlighted the important points you should consider.

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