Prevent a Power Emergency with Maintenance

A huge storm or hurricane is about to hit your local area, and you’re being told to expect a number of power outages and losses, possibly for a couple of days. Since you need to keep your business running throughout the storm, it’s necessary for you to maintain power the entire time. Luckily, you think to yourself, you purchased that generator a while back for moments just like this. The storm hits and, as proposed, your power goes out. Your emergency generator should start automatically and…nothing. What happened?

Generator maintenanceDon’t want to encounter a situation like this? This is a perfect epitome of why it’s necessary to properly maintain your generator on a weekly, monthly, and an annual basis. Preventative and routine maintenance of your generator sets will ensure that your backup generators are available when you need them. As backup generator experts, we offer to provide preventative maintenance agreements to all of our clients for this very reason. Typically, we recommend the following: weekly exercise without a load to simply run the engine and monthly exercise to run under a load and test the automatic transfer switch. Each time simultaneously determines that the oil and antifreeze levels, belts, and hoses are working properly. We offer to all of our customers custom-tailored Planned Maintenance Agreements, which include semi-annual checks and annual services of your emergency power system in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations.

These planned maintenance agreements we perform for our clients are set to ensure the Generator maintenancegenerators are in good operating condition and are monitored on a regular basis. Some of the specific maintenance services that should be performed include the checking of the batteries and cables, checking and adjustment of the battery charger, generator output voltages and frequencies, inspection of the main generator and controller operations, exhaust systems, unit controller, engine ignition, and the lubrication of all parts. We also typically recommend that complete system operation tests, with and without load, are performed on a normal basis. These tests guarantee that any possible issues are detected before the generator is needed to work and you won’t be left without power!

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