Monitor Power Emergencies before they Happen

When you have an emergency generator or generator set, you want to make sure it is going to turn on and work at exactly the moment it is needed. Especially in critical applications where power generation is of utmost importance, like hospitals, data centers, and on public transportation, maintenance and monitoring is key. However, manually monitoring generator sets can be time consuming in addition to the fact that you may miss when an alert on the generator goes off until it is too late. New technological advances in the field of generator monitoring, then, are welcomed.

Remote monitoring of generator sets is a new technology in the field and allows you, or companies like us, to monitor a generator set from a remote location. As we use a manufacturer called OmniMetrix, we are able to monitor all of our generators, no matter where they are located. How does this benefit us over manual monitoring? First, remote monitoring can eliminate 95% of all fail-to-start situations, as the systems monitor alerts you of any problems or issues with the generator set as soon as they happen. Specifically, you can choose 24/7 alert monitoring that send signals to your own phone via text or computer, notifying you of any alarm conditions. These issues can range from battery voltage, fuel status and coolant status to unhandled system alarms and missed exercises. You can even turn the generator on and off and perform exercises to ensure the set is operating properly. The alarms are programmable and adjustable and once they are activated, notifications are sent so that we can fix the problem right away.

What’s great about remote monitoring is that we now have the capability to watch over generators anywhere, whether close by or abroad. Remote monitoring ensures that all emergencies are handled promptly and some even before they happen.

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