“Linking our Strengths” with MTU

How have we been spending the first few weeks of the new year? While enjoying our strongest first quarter and keeping busy with new business, we recently attended the MTU Sales and Service Conference. The conference, held January 29th and 30th at the Detroit Marriot Center, is an annual event hosted by MTU Onsite Energy—of whom we are an authorized distributor—in order to get all of their distributors together to talk about new offerings and products.

At the conference, whose theme was “Linking our Strengths,” MTU provided a 2012 review and business update, a sales update, and a service update. Additionally, we took part in a team building event and then later celebrated at a dinner and awards ceremony, where MTU honors distinguished distributors –and where we received the 2010 Distributor Excellence Award!

What did we take away from the conference? A big discussion was centered on how all of MTU’s distributors can better work together as a team and capture more market share. We communicated how we can all forecast business more efficiently so that manufacturing can be adjusted accordingly as well.

Overall, this year’s conference was a positive and upbeat experience, and we learned a great deal for moving forward as one of MTU’s distributors.

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