In Emergency Situations Today, It’s Reliability – Not Renewability – That’s Most Important

The decisions we make in life are based on our priorities, and priorities can – and do – change all the time. What’s most important to us one day can easily drop to the bottom of our priority list the next day.

This same thought process applies to our choices about energy consumption: Do we use renewable energy (such as wind or solar energy) sources or do we stick with the traditional non-renewable sources? Each has its advantages: Renewable energy protects the environment and helps promote sustainability. Traditional non-renewable energy boasts time-proven reliability and is easily accessible to us today, as it has been for many years.

One emergency situation can change everything that drives our energy-related decisions: Something like a power outage or emergency can shift our priorities and affect our choices. Anyone who’s been involved in a power emergency situation, like the hundreds of thousands of people affected by Hurricane Sandy last fall or the recent blizzard storms this winter, will tell you that “reliability” trumps “renewability” as a priority during a power outage. Getting things running again, keeping ourselves warm, and other comfort-related and sometimes life-threatening issues all easily rank before renewability on our “priority lists.”

High costs and inaccessibility can push us away from renewable energy options, especially during emergencies. reports, “Continued investment is needed to make these [renewable] technologies truly economically viable for mainstream application.”

Facing emergencies today, and in the emergency power market in general, we don’t have the time to wait for this to happen. We need to use the reliable resources we have available to us right now. At Emergency Systems Inc., we offer our customers the reliability they need in their backup power systems. Whether or not renewable energy will greatly impact the future of emergency power generation remains to be seen. For now, then, consider our reliable and proven emergency power systems.

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