Emergency System Services Helps You Be Prepared!

Unexpected power losses, whether caused by Mother Nature or a man-made incident, are a fact of life and how you plan for them can mean the difference between a fast recovery and a disastrous loss. How prepared are you? Do you have the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable, back-up emergency power source? If the answer to that question is anything but yes, it’s time for the team at Emergency System Services to lend a hand!

emergency power, power generationOur technical sales and service consultants are at the ready to assist you in finding the right solution to meet your on-site standby power needs. They will determine how much output power you require, evaluate which of the three fuel options (diesel, natural gas, or LP) best suits your application, and review installation site options. As part of the assessment, they will supply you with a full technical specification to assist you with budgeting and planning. And when it comes time to source your equipment, Emergency System Service Company is an authorized full-line distributor for MTU Onsite Energy, offering a comprehensive line of generator sets, switchgears, and accessories that will help keep your facility up and running with no downtime and no compromise of your critical operations.emergency power, power generation

While you cannot predict the future, you can certainly plan for it. Don’t let uncontrollable forces disrupt your business continuity. Let the Emergency System Service Company help you be prepared!

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