Emergency Power for When the Lights Go Out

If there’s one thing we learned well last year, it’s that emergency backup power has become a highly critical need. In fact, according to the Eaton Blackout Tracker, there were 2,982 separate power outages reported last year in the U.S. Since the tracker was launched back in 2008, this has been the most number of outages reported.

Due to an increase in inclement weather recently, more outages have been occurring across the country. As a result, dependency on backup power has increased, especially in critical applications such as health care, 911 emergency centers, data centers, security, and manufacturing. A question asked in this article makes the point—“What happens if the utility power goes out?” For many facility managers, that has become an important and necessary issue to deal with. Here’s where emergency backup power comes in. Having backup power generators allows businesses to remain content in knowing they can always keep their business going, no matter what the current power grid looks like.

As leaders in emergency power, we have certainly seen the increased reliance on backup power. Not only did we have record sales in generators last year, but we have also seen firsthand the need for businesses and facilities to become more power self-reliant. With unreliable weather and utilities, people have become less confident and more apt to invest in the right backup power plan for them. As emergency power has become more important, all facets of our business have become stronger and we expect that to continue into this new year.

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